Excerpt on Crime by the Book

Exciting news! One of my favorite book bloggers, Crime by the Book, posted an excerpt from Are You Sleeping this morning! I just about died when I saw she wrote that AYS seems “custom-made just for [her].” Read the full post — and the excerpt — here!

Publishers Weekly Starred Review

Someone pinch me! Are You Sleeping received a *starred review* in Publishers Weekly! Here’s my favorite part:

[An] inventive debut … The intense plot and character studies are enhanced by an emotional look at the dynamics of a family forever scarred by violence.

Click through to read the whole review. I’m so beyond excited about this review!

Summer Reading List in Houston Chronicle

I’m so happy to see Are You Sleeping included among so many incredible authors on this Summer reading list: 15 anticipated books for the long, hot days ahead in the Houston Chronicle! I loved this quote in particular:

Anyone who has fallen head-first into a podcast such as “S-Town” or “Serial” will appreciate the plot of Kathleen Barber’s novel.

Summer 2017 Thrillers on BookBub

I’m so pleased to see that BookBub included Are You Sleeping on this list of 22 Thrillers Coming 2017! There are so many great titles on this list, and it’s such a thrill (pun intended) to see Are You Sleeping among them!

Summer of Suspense in Dallas Morning News

I am so incredibly jazzed to see Are You Sleeping included on this list of summer thrillers posted on the Dallas Morning News’ site! I couldn’t be happier with this endorsement:

Reminiscent of the hit podcast Serial, this debut is an exciting read about what happens when the past continues to haunt the present.

It’s very exciting — and very, very strange — to see my book included in a roundup with books by incredible authors like Paula Hawkins, Fiona Barton, and John Grisham!

Speaking of: I finished Paula Hawkins’ Into the Water over the weekend, and I thought it was incredible! I liked it even more than The Girl on the Train. Has anyone else read it yet? And I’m so looking forward to Fiona Barton’s The ChildThe Widow was a really fantastic read.

New Website!

Hello, friends! Welcome to the new website! I’m so excited about to finally have a place to collect information and share news about ARE YOU SLEEPING as publication day approaches!

The site was designed by the wonderful team at Atmosphere Author Websites, and I couldn’t be happier with it!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

AYS in the Newspaper

ARE YOU SLEEPING received its first mention in a newspaper today! My mom texted me this clipping from The Register-Mail, which is the local newspaper in my hometown of Galesburg, Illinois:

ARE YOU SLEEPING in the Galesburg Register-Mail

If you subscribe to my newsletter (and if you don’t, why not?), you recognize Scott Reeder’s name from his podcast, Suspect Convictions. I cannot recommend his podcast highly enough, and so it was thrilling to see that he enjoyed my book!

If you can’t read the text in the image,  no worries! Here’s a link to the online version: New Book’s Setting Resembles Galesburg

Interview on Deborah Kalb’s Blog

The lovely Deborah Kalb interviewed me for her Q&A blog! Check out the interview, where I talk about my inspiration for ARE YOU SLEEPING and more, here!

Appearance on Suspect Convictions

Have you heard of the podcast Suspect Convictions? If you like true crime podcasts, you should definitely give this one a try! It centers around the 1990 murder of nine-year-old Jennifer Lewis and the case against Stanley Liggins, the man convicted of her murder. Stanley Liggins has been convicted twice for the murder, and both convictions have been overturned. He has a third trial coming up in May of this year … almost twenty-seven years after the crime occurred. It’s a complicated case and the podcast is well-done and thought-provoking. Last month, I was invited to participate in a roundtable discussion for an episode, and that episode recently aired. You can listen to it here, but I really encourage you to start at the beginning and listen to all the episodes!

Essay on Women Writers, Women’s Books

I’m so happy to have an essay up on the wonderful Women Writers, Women’s Books site today!

Reasonable minds can differ whether this constant connectivity is enhancing or ruining our lives, but no one can deny that it’s changing them. A perfect illustration: when I first began corresponding with my pen pal in Germany twenty-five years ago, we wrote each other lengthy letters on thin paper and waited weeks between each dispatch; today we communicate by “liking” and commenting on each other’s Facebook posts. The way that we interact with other humans—something that is at the core of almost every novel, no matter the genre—is being fundamentally altered.

Head over to read the full essay: Like It, Share It, Hashtag It: How to Incorporate Social Media into Your Novels!